Finding magic in the ordinary


As I mentioned in my last blog post “Creativity has Seasons” I feel a bit unmotivated and stuck at the moment. So I made the decision to get my creative juices flowing again. I challenge myself to find one little thing every day that inspires me, that I can take a picture of, that I can write a few words about. No matter what it is, I will be open and get myself involved in it.


Beyond that I decided to use my blog to hold myself accountable. With my finds I will set up a blog journal. Throughout July I will document my creative journey. I will give myself the freedom to share my sketches, thoughts, ideas, inspirations and images with you. I’m ready to discover inspiration in unexpected places and I’m ready to let my soul lead the way. 



These images I took on a walk last weekend. When I processed them today, I allowed myself to play and even made different versions of one and the same image. Sometimes it’s enough to just look up or throw ourselves out of focus. When we allow ourselves to see with different eyes the world gets magical. 

Michaela Jung-Vogelwiesche

Fine Art Photography

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