A new book


“So many books, so little time.” 

- Frank Zappa


 I looove books.

Since I was a little girl I downright devoured them. Some books I just can't put away until I'm finished.

And yes, there are some books that have cost me a night of proper sleep. But honestly, they were totally worth it.


Today I've bought a new book. One that enticed me right away when I read the title and the back cover.

It's 'The Wander Society' from Keri Smith. I'm beyond excited and can't wait to read it.

It's nearly midnight now and since I am a night owl there are hours left until it's time for me to sleep.

So I'm off now, inspiration is waiting for me. ;)



Edit 2019/07/05


I'm halfway through the book and I love it.

I'm not sure if Keri Smith made up the Wander Society or if it's a real story. But either way it's an interesting book.

She criticizes society and the pursuit of more just for the sake of ‘more’ - more productivity, more materialism, more fame... She challenges you to go deeper and to ask yourself who you really are and what you really want out of life. What is essential for you? Who are you really? When did you last do something just for the sake of doing it?

The book encourages you to question how you spend your days and it invites you to start wandering. It invites you to open your eyes, to be present. It encourages you to break out of a planned existence and open yourself to the unknown.


The interesting thing for me is that I already live the life of a wanderer. I just had no word or label for it. It's something I cultivated quite a while ago and I personally think it's important if you want to live a creative and fulfilled life. 


So if you are curious now - just go and get yourself the book. It’s totally worth it and it is beautifully made. 


Solvitur Ambulando.

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